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Wilderness Survival Campout September 2014

On this campout the scouts had the opportunity to create wilderness survival shelters. These shelters were made out of sticks and leaves. The Scouts learned these skills in order to allow them to have a better chance of surviving outside of civilization.

More photos can be seen here.

Water Weekend August 2014

On this campout the troop camped on the shores of Kerr Lake, the traditional spot for the Water Weekend. This year the troop brought both canoes and kayaks. Before the boating started, a Safe Swim area was set up, so Scouts had a choice between swimming and boating.

More pictures are available here.

Croatan National Forest and Fort Macon Campout — May 2014

This campout was a amazing because of its three-pronged attack. On this trip the troop got to visit Croatan National Forest, Fort Macon, and the beach. Between historical knowledge, beautiful views, and watery fun everyone in the troop enjoyed themselves! We got to learn more about the Civil War at For Macon, have fun at the beach, and enjoy walking through the Croatan National Forest, all in one campout.

More pictures are available here.