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Camp Raven Knob July 2015

This year we travelled to the edge of the mountains in western North Carolina to the beautiful Camp Raven Knob. We enjoyed the gorgeous views and the varied activities. All of the scouts who joined us earned many new meritbadges and rank requirements, making this troop both fun and productive.

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Catapults June 2015

In this campout the troop hearkened back to the middle ages and constructed catapults in an attempt to decimate each other. Besides providing great fun, catapults also served as a way to practice lashings and engineering skills. And then flying water balloons served as a way to cool off!

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Oregon Inlet May 2015

Beach ho! This month the troop traveled across the state to the Outer Banks for some beach time camping. We had fun playing in the sand, cooking food, and enjoying the ocean’s magnificence.


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Camp Campbell April 2015

On this campout we stayed mostly at camping, enjoying our fires, friends, and cooking pots! We created many delicious meals and had a great time, even if we had to clean up some!

Uhwarries November 2014

On this camping trip we went hiking in the Uhwarries. A truly amazing place.

Occonneeche Council Camporee October 2014

On this campout the troop participated in the Occonneechee council October Camporee. We got to sleep in camp tents, participate in an obstacle course, and have a great time!